5 Great Tips for Displaying Your Military Memorabilia

5 Great Tips for Displaying Your Military Memorabilia

Whether you’ve developed a love of all things military from watching and playing war-time games, having relatives who have served, or because you’ve served yourself, displaying military memorabilia in your home is a great way to decorate your home. But what is the best way to go about it?

Here are five great tips to help you display your military memorabilia to the best effect.


  1. Choose a Location That’s Not in Direct Sunlight – You may have a great location in mind, but if it’s in direct sunlight you may want to reconsider. If you’ve ever left a book on a windowsill or coloured plastic outside in the sun, you’ll know how quickly the sun can damage the colouring of your valuables, and the same thing may happen to your military memorabilia. When you’re thinking about where to display it try to choose somewhere in your home which doesn’t receive direct sunlight for much of the day.


  1. Decide Whether it Can Be Easily Accessed or Not – If you have small children or grandchildren who visit often, you don’t want to display your collection anywhere they’ll be able to play with it, take it, or spill anything onto it. If you have little sticky fingers around often, display your memorabilia behind glass in a shadow box, at least until their old enough to know not to touch.


  1. Decide if it’s Just for You or a Talking Point – Do want to display your memorabilia so you can enjoy it each day, or do you want it to be a talking point? If it’s just for you, then display it somewhere you can enjoy it frequently, like in your living room, home office, or bedroom.


  1. Consult Your Partner – Before you go hanging anything, if you have a partner, ask them for their input. They may give you an idea for a better place to display your collection by moving things around, or would prefer you display them in the dining room instead of in your home office, where only you can enjoy it.
  1. Dust and Clean Frequently – Wherever you choose to display your collection, remember to dust the area and clean your collection, even if you put them inside a shadowbox on the wall. Dust gathers over time, and you don’t want to chance ruining an item later down the line because dust has become ingrained on a flag or another fabric piece. When you clean, be very careful about the products you use. Ideally, stick to a damp cloth and a little warm water.


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